Nephrology Associates of Northern Illinois and Indiana

NANI Nephrology Associates of Northern Illinois and Indiana


Advanced care and treatment
Nephrology Associates of Northern Illinois/Indiana (NANI) is a leader in treatment for kidney disease, kidney injury and hypertension.

Coordinated services

To make it easier to manage the many elements of your kidney care, NANI offers.

  • vascular centers for outpatient procedures
  • diagnostic labs like the one on our Fort Wayne clinic
  • high blood pressure specialty centers.

Certified hypertension specialists use the latest technology to identify times of day or night when medications may need to be adjusted.

Interventional nephrologists ensure our patients receive the best care when they have outpatient procedures done like fistulas, angioplasties and more.

For patients in need of dialysis, our doctors own or partner with dialysis centers throughout the area, offering hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.

Find us in your community

The kidney doctors, or nephrologists, of NANI provide the most advanced care available. We bring care close to our patients.

Clinical Research

Clinical research is another way NANI doctors are adding to their patient care resources. Patients who participate gain access to cutting edge treatments at no charge and their doctors are able to contribute to new clinical knowledge in their specialty. NANI’s clinical studies are now enrolling patients and we are continually seeking new research opportunities. Contact us by e-mail at

Practice Management Services

If you are an independent physician, we can help you spend less time working on your practice and more time working in your practice. Tower is a management services organizatino (MSO) that provides billing, credentialing, HR, payroll, meaningful use, strategy, negotiation services, and more. Visit Tower Physician Solutions, an affiliate of NANI, to learn how you can benefit from our practice management experience, expertise and resources.