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NANI Expands Transplant Team

NANI is committed to delivering exceptional care. Expanding our transplant team was crucial to ensure the continued success for each patient.

Amanda Michaud is NANI’s Value Based Care Transplant Coordinator. As Transplant Coordinator, she works directly with patients, NANI physicians, and the local transplant centers, to assist with placement of newly referred patients and follow up of patients currently in evaluation, waitlisted (inactive & active) and transplant tracking.
NANI, As the Nation’s Largest Nephrology Group, NANI Expands Partnership with Strive Health to Serve More Kidney Patients, THE MOVE IS DESIGNED TO IMPROVE CARE, LOWER COSTS FOR 20,000 KIDNEY PATIENTS IN INDIANA AND ILLINOIS, DENVER — April 28, 2022 These are just a few of the priorities that Amanda has been spearheading since she joined the team:
▪ Establish relationships with the top transplant centers and continue to grow our network.
▪ Manage patient transplant referrals to ensure they get the best care:
○ We will contact the patient upon receiving referral request
     ○ Review and complete NANI referral form with each patient
○ Verify patients' insurance is accepted at requested facility
○ We submit our NANI patient referral directly to establish contacts at the transplant center
▪ Patient Follow-up:
○ Our team will follow up with the transplant center to confirm insurance approval and scheduling of transplant evaluation appointment
○ Host routine meetings with the local transplant centers are set up to discuss status of all NANI patients
○ Assist patients and centers with patient follow-up, record request, scheduling of appointments
○ Track weekly & monthly notifications form transplant centers regarding newly transplanted patients

Amanda has 20 years of experience in healthcare related roles and was previously with the Department of Abdominal Transplant at Loyola University Medical Center for six years. We are excited to have such a valuable team member leading the way for our patient population.