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Williams, Bas, RN


NANI Registered Nurse Williams, Bas, RN
Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) home treatment nurse
Main Office
8632 S. Pulaski Road
Chicago, IL 60652

P: 773-284-2572
F: 773-284-2574

Williams, Bas, RN

  • Hospital Affiliations
    • None
    Nursing Home Affiliations
    • None
    Dialysis Center Affiliations
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Ms. Williams is a nurse who specializes in the care of patients who have ESRD and have chosen peritoneal dialysis at home as their treatment. Bas trains her patients and their caregivers to dialyze at home and take care of themselves. She meets with patients for monthly at our PD center in Chicago or at their nephrologist’s office. She is available 24 hours per day if they need additional support.

With decades of experience in her field, Bas is a knowledgeable registered nurse and compassionate educator. She offers an excellent understanding of the misgivings dialysis patients may have when they learn to dialyze at home. Bas patiently teaches ESRD patients the most effective ways to integrate a new PD routine into their lives and coaches them through any challenges that may come up.