Relief Efforts for Kidney Patients  

Relief Efforts for Kidney Patients  

Sharing this message from the American Kidney Fund:

“Texas and Florida residents struggle to rebuild after two of the strongest storms on record, Hurricane Harvey and tropical storm Irma.  In response to these natural disasters, AMT is proud to support the American Kidney Fund’s efforts to provide continuity of care for displaced kidney dialysis patients in need of treatment.

The American Kidney Fund’s Disaster Relief Program provides emergency grants to dialysis patient affected by the catastrophic flooding and damage to help them replace medications, pay for transportation to dialysis, and replace destroyed household goods and food for their special renal diets. AMT’s leadership encourages you to consider contributing to AKF’s Disaster Relief Program by visiting . 100% of all contributions will be used to help dialysis patients in need in the affected areas.

I can only imagine the challenges of delivering dialysis to patients during natural disasters of this magnitude. These challenges are almost incomprehensible, yet the imperative to provide this lifesaving care remains. We all commend the first responders, emergency response teams, and kidney health professionals in the affected areas for their efforts to protect dialysis patients.

AMT is committed to contributing to these emergency efforts in the most beneficial way, including helping institutions in the affected areas, working through AKF, and we appreciate any amount you can give to this cause.

Thank you. If you have any questions about AKF’s Disaster Relief Program and how you can help, please email


Jeff Lavender, AMT President  and Chris Damon, AMT Executive Director”

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