The NANI Success Story


For almost 50 years, NANI doctors have been leaders in Nephrology. NANI is the second-largest Nephrology practice in the United States.

Pioneers for our patients

The field of nephrology was just developing when the doctors who founded Nephrology Associates of Northern Illinois and Indiana (NANI), began operating outpatient dialysis centers – some of the first in the country.

That was in 1968. Just a few years later, Arthur Morris, MD and Paul Balter, MD joined the original founders. Since then, the group has grown to offer patient services from hospitals to physician offices and from labs to dialysis centers. We have added locations and doctors for our patients all around Chicago and throughout northern Indiana. Dr. Morris and Dr. Balter are still among the NANI leaders today.

Patient care close to home

In 1968, the founders of West Suburban Kidney Center (WSKC), Robert Muehrcke, M.D., Joseph Moles, M.D. and Arthur Gene Lawrence, M.D., created a new model for dialysis in Oak Park, Illinois that later became NANI. Their community dialysis centers were outside of the hospital, close to patients’ homes and in a safe medical environment. WSKC established the first mobile dialysis unit for Acute Kidney Disease patients staying at many area hospitals. In 1976 NANI was formed and began hiring nephrologists to staff its growing number of dialysis centers in the Chicago area. Later that year, NANI established its first dialysis center in Indiana. Eventually, NANI physician offices opened all across northern Illinois, in Northwest Indiana and in Northeast Indiana and Ohio, around Fort Wayne.

“When he founded WSKC/NANI, Dr. Muehrcke’s insight was that dialysis should be performed at non-hospital sites in the patient’s community” says Dr. Arthur Morris, NANI CEO. “This solved the hospital capacity problem, but required the doctors involved to establish a new business model independent of hospital infrastructure and funding”

Expertise with experience

Each patient who comes to NANI will receive the best care, as an individual. We specialize in kidney disease and difficult to control hypertension, so our doctors and staff are experts in nephrology and are dedicated to patients like you. You will benefit from the broad experience we have in kidney disease and hypertension as well as the high standards our doctors hold.